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Trout in the main stream

Let me show you some trout that still swimming in my memories.

"Iwana" turned red

"Iwana" turned into red, nuptial colouration.

This "Iwana" came out from behind of a rock in the deep water. I thought the fish was not a trout cause I saw the red colour of its body. But I knew it was "Iwana" trout. I got upset. I supposed that the fish had eaten many small fish.

A fat rainbow trout in a main stream

A fat rainbow trout in a main stream.

I cast a Hus-Lure in the whitewater of discharge, and made few reeling, I got a hard attack from the deep water. Suddenly the fish made a few incredible jumping. What a jump! I shouted. Then the fish ran toward upstream, and my reel screamed. Finally, I landed the fish. It was a potbelly rainbow trout.

Ah! My trophy size "Yamame" trout

Ah! My trophy size "Yamame" trout.

In the summer of 1998, I get the fish at a mainstream after a hard rain. It rose, I made a strike, but the hook was on its body fin. Cause the fish fought hardly with unbelievable power. This "Yamame" bent my #3 fly rod like a full moon. It was 30cm, and was my trophy of '98.

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